Dienstag, 25. November 2008

All I want

"One true love" von Semisonic

All above me the stars are bright
And a sweet suburban breeze is blowing
And down the block are the parking lights
Of a hundred friends who I barely know and
Don't know me
Don't know me
None of them know me.

And all through the party I want to leave
(All alone with one true love)
I could be happy if only I could be
(In the dark with one true love)

And in the middle of everyone
I still find myself with my thoughts alone
And in the middle of all the noise
Look around myself at the shining toys that
I dont need
I dont need
I dont really need.

And all through the party I want to leave
(all alone with one true love)
All of the lights are shining on me
(but all I want is one true love)

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